Saturday, 26 May 2007

White Blood Cell count

Bloody Hell! My white blood cell count is low, below acceptable levels and is only 1730 thingies (not sure what unit of measurement Ben Vet used so I am calling them 'thingies').

As a result no more chemo until my WBC is back up again. Ben Vet has given me some anti-biotics called Synulox to help me fight off any infections, he has also given Meowmie some Stemetil anti-nauseau INJECTIONS to give to me should I get sick. Meowmie has never given an injection ever before in her life - Ben Vet said to Meowmie not to worry, cos it doesn't matter if it goes into skin, muscle or veins!!! MEOWMIE BE CAREFUL PLEASE!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Blood Tests and Buses

Ohmygod how do you do it!!? I had to go on a BUS today. I had a check-up appointment at the Vet Place and Stormie's Limousine didn't show up so Meowmie said some bad words and then took me to a Waiting Hut on the pavement where the bus comes to collect you from.

I was quite scared, I didn't like being taken to the Hut in my basket, humans kept staring at me. Seems a cat in Central London is a rare sight judging from all the staring and pointing. Then the big red bus came along...what a noise. The bus was full of miserable big humans, screeching medium-sized humans and squeeky tiny humans. The tiny humans seemed most interested in me, I didn't care much for them though so just turned my back on them.

Then we got off the bus about 15 minutes later and I have never been so happy to get to the Vet Place. I had to have some blood tests today to make sure my White Blood Cell count was ok - chemo can make it low and then I can get infections easily and get ill, so Ben Vet checks these things from time to time. Ben vet shaved my neck (again!) and took my blood away, it was very red. I weighed 3.62kgs and Ben Vet seemed satisfied that I was doing OK. Ben Vet said the blood test results would be back in a few days.

Ben Vet then gave Meowmie an update on the vet bill. Ben Vet said that Pet Plan insurance had paid the first claim of £4500, of which the two Meowmies are paying the £900 excess in installments - so really Pet Plan paid £3600. Meowmie went a bit quiet. We got the bus home. I think Stormie's Limousine has been sacked.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

18 weeks on - Remission!

I've been better since my last post - only sick a handful of times and those were all acidy-tummy-up sicks and gorged-myself-stupid sicks. No cancer tummy-up-sicks - which is a huge relief seeing as I am considered to be in REMISSION. Ben Vet said to Meowmie that he considered me to be in Clinical Remission - he sounded very sure about it this time, so I am going to state it here in my blog too - he has said it before now, quite some time ago, but he seemed quite definite yesterday when I was there for my Vincristine so I am confident to share the good news.

Can't remember if I explained this before but basically, chemo isn't a 'cure' for animals like me, it just holds the cancer back. Ben Vet said the only way of proving remission for sure would be to operate again....but he isn't willing to do that, he explained to Meowmie that there was little reason to put me through an big operation again because the physical signs tell him what he needs to know. Plus - my tummy hair hasn't grown back yet from the operation in December - I just have very very short downy hair there poor tummy!

Here is a picture of me begging Meowmie to share her chicken dinner with me - you can only see the Green Foods in this picture but I assure you there was DEFINITELY chicken on that plate!!!