Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Penultimate dose of Chemo

Woo-hoo! Just one more chemo to go!

Went to the Vet Place this afternoon for my penultimate chemo dose...just a Vincristine, nice and easy visit. Stormie's Limousine didn't turn up AGAIN, Meowmie said something naughty and carted us both off to the bus stop - she said something about getting a reliable Limousine for me driven by someone called Lee Addison. And CAN YOU BELIEVE IT...a man on the bus asked Meowmie what I was - AGAIN! Do I not look like a cat or something? This time the person thought I was "some sort of monkey or marmoset"

Look at me, there is nothing monkey-like about me in the slightest - well, maybe my tail, but that's the only thing!

Saturday, 16 June 2007


The days are getting warmer here now, summer is supposed to be coming which, to be honest with you, I am not keen on...I much prefer a nice warm radiator to curl up to. The warmer weather has also brought the pigeons out in force and a family of them has moved onto Meowmie's balcony. THEY DRIVE ME NUTS! I can't get to them, I can SEE them through the balcony door but I can't GET TO THEM. The ultimate torture! Well, not quite the ultimate torture...that would involve not being able to get to a bowl of chicken for some reason.

Here is my brother playing with the pigeons through a glass window...he can be so silly some times :) Meowmie tried to help me sort the orientation of the video out but she hasn't got the right software yet, she said she would borrow a copy from someone when she can...please click the play button and turn your screen on its side - heehee:

Meowmie throws water at them...which gets her in to trouble with the neighbours below cos we live on the top floor of the building up high in the sky. Before you ask about my garden...I don't have one. I used to have one at Meowmie J's but I didn't like going out in it, I just used to sit at the back door and look at the garden...didn't fancy getting my paws muddy and I have all the entertainment I need inside my safe four walls.

I had a dose of chemo a few days ago, this was the Cyclophosphamide...therefore I had an Away Day at the Vet Place. Feeling OK, get a bit of an acidy-tummy every now and then but I am eating really well. New favourite food at the moment is Hills Science Deit Chicken & Liver pate...mmmmmmmm. I make a right mess all over my whiskers - what's left of them. I have about 6 on my right side cheek and 4 on my left side cheek.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

I Hate Anti-Biotics

What a rough ride I have had...those anti-biotics made me so sick. I was OK for a couple of days but then on the 3rd, 4th and 5th days of taking them I got progressively worse and was chucking up my food and eventually wouldn't eat. Meowmie gave me the Stemetil injections and they helped...but what really helped was going to see Caroline Vet and her telling Meowmie to stop giving me the horrid ABs. Whilst I was there Caroline Vet did a blood test to see how my WBC stood - it has gone up to 5700 so I can start my chemo again in about 10 days and not take any other ABs too. What a relief. Seems like those horrid ABs did some good at least...

When we got home I went straight for my food bowl - knowing that I wouldn't have a pill shoved down my neck that would make me sick-up my food again. Meowmie J came over with some chicken too *purrrrrrrr*