Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Meowmie has bought me some cat-drugs! It is something called Feliway and she plugs it into the wall and it makes a nice smell that chills me right out!!! I heard Meowmie say it had some Fairy Moans in it! They have them at the Vet Place too, I can smell Fairy Moans a mile of. My brother likes them as well.

If you are worried that your cat might be on drugs just watch their behaviour carefully, here are some examples of cats after snffing Fairy Moans:

Had my Doxy the other day - made me feel a bit sicky-tummy-up but I think the worst of that is over now. Been having some metaclopramide which helps with the nausea mostly...although that too sometimes causes me to be sick. I guess my tummy-lymphoma doesn't exactly help kep food down too! Go away lymphoma!