Tuesday, 20 February 2007

An Notter!

After the Strange Man in the Box On Wheels called me an Notter I've been paying special attention to my human's telly-box cos I usually learn alot from that, it's always one you see. Well, in particular I like to watch wildlife programmes and the other day whilst I was sunbathing I heard the word 'Notter' come from the telly-box. I reluctantly stretched, got up and strolled over to the telly-box to see what these Notters look like for myself...

Well, I have never been so insulted in all my life! Firstly I learnt they are called OTTERS, secondly they look like FAT MICE! Thirdly they LIVE IN WATER and foruthly they have stupid tiny ears. Below is a picture of an otter and below that a picture of me, there is NO comparison is there?

Didn't go to the Vet Place yesterday cos they forgot to order my Doxorubicin so I have to go in a few days - what a relief!

1 comment:

londonjogger said...

no comparision at all little storm, none at all :)