Tuesday, 20 March 2007

12 Weeks on...

12 weeks or 3 months - either way it is great to be here. Meowmie thought she had lost me at Christmas but she didn't, I'se still here! Hello Meowmie L and Meowmie J :)

Oh and the words 'possible clinical remission' got mentioned at the vet yesterday when I went for my check-up! That means I am doing well and Ben Vet and my Meowmies are optimistic.

The last few weeks have been a rough ride though, - from about the 8th March through to the 15th I was sick once almost every day, but then I had a good week with no sick. My appetite was good - after I had sicked my tummy up I usually went straight back to me food bowl for a refill. My last chemo dose was Vincristine, which I normally get on OK with, but this time it has not been very nice to me. Next trip is an Away Day and will be for the Cyclophosphamide...blee!

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