Saturday, 31 March 2007

A Park Full of Cats!

Meowmie J has gone to Argentina to work and earn some Vet Tokens and Salmon Tokens. Argentina is a place in south America which has tasty cows and fast horses. I think Madonna used to be the Queen Of Argentina but then she left so she sang a song about it asking them not to cry for her.

Meowmie J sent Meowmie L a picture on her tellyphone - it was a picture of a park and in the park were hundreds of cats! No dogs - just cats. They were laying around sunbathing, eating and just being cats really. I wish there was a cat park in London. I hope Meowmie J doesn't fall in love with any other cats.

I had my Cyclophosphamide a few days ago and I have been really well - no sicky-ups and a good appetite. I wonder why some weeks I am OK with the drug and others I am not? Ben Vet and Caroline Vet were lovely to me - but I don't like it when they take my is not very dignified at all. Meowmie L does her best to reassure me but it doesn't make it any less embarrassing! Why can't they put the thermometer under my tongue or armpit like they do with you humans!

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