Tuesday, 10 April 2007

My Diet

I have a new favourite food at the moment - I say 'at the moment' because I might decide I won't eat it next week. It is Whiskers in Gravy - it HAS to be chunks in gravy - NOT in jelly. I won't eat that stuff (at the moment). I know it is not the best food for me to eat but it is what I fancy. Ben Vet told Meowmie L that she should try to encourage me to eat 'healthy' protein-rich foods as this is best for Lymphoma kitties. HOWEVER I also heard Ben Vet say "to be honest, the main goal is for Storm to eat and gain weight, so if she wants regular cat foods then let her".

I know I am probably causing Meowmie some anxiety with my fussy tastes and I don't mean to, but it is just what my body is telling me. I was watching meowmie reading her lap-telly yesterday, she was studying an article about feeding cats who have lymphomas, so far, from what I can gather she is doing everything right and is tempting me with the correct foods. At the end of the article there was mention of 'assisted feeding' with a syringe!!!! I don't fancy that AT ALL so I will be doing my utmost to feed myself at all times. Here is a link to the article http://felinelymphomacaregivers.org/docs/KeepingSickKittyEating.html

These are the foods that tempt me in order of current preference:

Chicken (always)
Whiskers chunks in gravy (pouches)
Tuna (tinned)
Sardines (tinned)
IAMS dry food
IAMS pouches
Hills Science Diet tinned food mixed with small amount of boiling water

Meowmie doesn't often give me the tinned fish cos when I sick it up it STINKS and it takes ages for Meowmie to scrub the carpets clean.

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