Monday, 30 April 2007

Bad Patch

I had some Doxorubucin on the 27th...I've been sick a few times since, I don't like it very much. I was at the Vet Place all day again for that one too. I'm bit disappointed cos I just had a good run without any troubles.

My appetite has been OK - once I am sick I always return to my food bowl and refill myself up - and I always keep the second helping down. I am also sick sometimes after my Pred steroid - either frothy stuff (tummy acid sick) or food sick; food sick meams I have gorged myself too much though. To be on the safe side Meowmie has been giving me Metaclopramide - an anti-nausea, it works for a bit but sometimes I am still sick.

I feel so bad for meowmie's carpets and sofa. I do, in the main, manage to throw up on some newspaper that Meowmie has placed in the hallway, but sometimes I don't get there in time :(

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