Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Cat Beds

Meowmie J and Meowmie L bought me and Castle a new bed today! I like it when I get presents, here is a picture of my new bed:

It is beautiful, it is a big Fake Sheep Skin pad. Obviously we don't have a big stinky dog on our bed. Can you believe how tolerant that cat is? Bloody fool. Maybe the photographer drugged it to make it stay there with that horid dog. Anyway - our bed - Meowmie has put the new bed underneath the radiator in the sitting room - it is so beautiful, Castle and I just like to sit on our favourite cushion on the sofa and admire it. By the way why is the sitting room called a 'sitting' room and not the 'sofa' room? You humans don't call the bedroom the 'sleeping room', or the kitchen the 'cooking room' or the bathroom the...oh...for once you make sense :)

I saw a very posh cat bed in a magazine the other day, it would look lovely in Meowmie L's apartment, it's got one of those daft little dogs in it but just imagine how much nicer it would look with a pretty seal-point siamese lounging in it!

Oh, and if you weren't quite convinced at how stupid dogs are...have you EVER seen a cat allow itself to look this ridiculous?

Wish me luck for my Away Day tomorow - Doxorubicin this time - poo, that's a strong one :(

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