Tuesday, 10 July 2007

29 Weeks on....Last Dose of Chemo!

I got to the end of my Madison Wisconsin chemo protocol today! Which means I have also made the 'median' survival rate of 6-9 months (I am almost 8 months since diagnosis). The Mad Wis protocol should only last 26 weeks but I had a hiccup with my White Blood Cells so chemo was delayed and on one another occassion the Vet Place forgot to order my chemo drugs so I had to wait an extra week.

Ben Vet told Meowmie today that he was so happy that I had made it through the Mad Wis protocol with little problems - alot of cats don't get through it, especially cats with a Large Cell lymphoma like mine. So I am doing well so far. There are some very sad stories of cats who only survive a few weeks, I have seen Meowmie reading them on her lap-telly and her eyes go wet.

Ben vet also gave Meowmie my end of protocol discharge sheet and Meowmie said that this was the first time she had seen 'clinical remission' writen down in black and white. She smiled alot, which made me purr...despite being in my box on the Vet Place reception counter top.

My treatment is to continue though...but in a milder format, it is a maintenance protocol and this is made up of taking a mild chemo drug called leukeran every 3 days (one tablet) along with my steroid every other day. I will only have to go to the Vet Place for check-ups every now and then. I'll miss Stormie's Limousine.

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