Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Penultimate dose of Chemo

Woo-hoo! Just one more chemo to go!

Went to the Vet Place this afternoon for my penultimate chemo dose...just a Vincristine, nice and easy visit. Stormie's Limousine didn't turn up AGAIN, Meowmie said something naughty and carted us both off to the bus stop - she said something about getting a reliable Limousine for me driven by someone called Lee Addison. And CAN YOU BELIEVE IT...a man on the bus asked Meowmie what I was - AGAIN! Do I not look like a cat or something? This time the person thought I was "some sort of monkey or marmoset"

Look at me, there is nothing monkey-like about me in the slightest - well, maybe my tail, but that's the only thing!

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