Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Turkey Turkey Turkey

I LOVE TURKEY - I've eaten loads of it - the steroid is making me eat quite a lot and my brother isn't getting a look in. I don't care, he is still hissing at me, not quite as bad as two days ago but he won't cuddle me. I hiss back now, he isn't getting away with that behaviour!

Meowmie got me a stick with some sort of rainbow string hanging off it for Christmas. I'm not one of these cats who plays mindlessly with things, I stare at the Play Object for a while, work out how it works, and then pounce on Meowmie's hand - cos her hand seems to make Play Objects work. Meowmie yelps in pain but laughs too when I do that, so I must be playing with things correctly!!! Meowmie also got me a paper bag with MUJI written across it, I love paper bags, I like to sit in them for hours on end thinking about chicken, pigeons and Play Objects. That's me in my Muji Bag down there...

Did you spot the Buddha in the background? Meowmie isn't a Buddhist she just likes them. She got this one from a market in Cambodia. When she first bought it home it had wriggly little creatures running around on the bottom of it so she had to freeze it to kill them off. Anyways, I like to scratch my claws on the little straw mat that Buddha sits on, ooooooh it feels so good ripping it apart and making a mess everywhere...not as good as ripping the sofa apart though, that IS THE BEST!!!

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