Saturday, 30 December 2006

Fatty Boom Boom!

Ise been at the Vet Place today for my second dose of chemo, this one is called a 'Cyclophosphamide'. I had to spend the day there on drips and stuff. Not best pleased, my brother had just about forgiven me by yesterday for my previous absence. He cuddled me last night and washed my ears out (finally! they were getting a bit grubby). Here we are, having a little cuddle together, he is my proper brother, my litter-mate. We have hardly ever been apart since the day we were born - february 1st 1995.

Ben Vet weighed me when Meowmie L dropped me off, I weigh 3.76kgs!!! I have put on almost 760 grams in weight since I got ill. Not as fat as my brother but I have some nice padding now - not much, but some. When Meowmie collected me I noticed that she bought some tasty looking treats from the Vet Place Shop...dried prawns :) appetite has been good (obviosuly) and I haven't sicked for ages as well, not since before Christmas, not even after all the Turkey I stuffed into my face!!! I hope I'm not sick until next year!

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