Tuesday, 16 January 2007

My Away Day

I hate leaving the safety of my comfy home but I have to stay at the Vet Place sometimes, only for a day, not overnight, so to make it seem more pleasant I call it my Away Day.

Yesterday was an Away Day. Meowmie L took me to the Vet Place in a box on wheels with a strange man at the front. The Strange Man asked Meowmie L what I was!!! I was most offended, I am a SIAMESE CAT, what do you think I am? Then Meowmie L asked the exact same question on my behalf (I swear she can mind-read sometimes!) and the Strange Man said he thought I was "one of those creatures that live near water and hide in holes". Meowmie looked incredulous and said something that sounded like "An Notter?". I don't know what a Notter is but I am NOT a NOTTER!

When we got to the Vet Place the nice smiley nurse Anne was ready to greet me and welcome me into my box for the day. Ben Vet and Caroline Vet were there too, I must be important! As soon as Meowmie had gone, they took some fur away from my leg with the vibrating machine again - and then stuck a tube in my leg and left me for a bit until it was time for my Doxyrubicin. I'm not so keen on Doxyrubicin, it makes me feel a bit sick-tummy-up.

I felt a bit scaredy-cat at the Vet Place so hid under my blanket all day and didn't eat, Nurse Anne and Nurse Jo tried their best but I can be a little madam sometimes. Meowmie came to fetch me home in the evening and took me home in what she called "Little Stormie's Limosine" - but it looked exactly the same as the box on wheels we got into this morning, it was a different Strange Man in the front though - thank God. I'm not an NOTTER!

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