Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Six weeks on...

It's just about 6 weeks since I was diagnosed with my Lymphoma, and so far so good, in that I am much better than I was in December - perhaps I am heading towards a clinical remission?

I went to the Vet Place today for a vincristine in Stormie's Limousine, just a short 30 minute visit, Nurse Jo made a fuss of me whilst they did the medicine. They have to wear funny clothes when they treat me because the stuff they put in me can cause harm to a healthy human. I think their hair falls out too. Humans are bald enough as it is!!! Fancy only having a patch of hair on the top of your head and around your private bits and bobs!!!

I've been a bit sicky-up-tummy again recently so Ben Vet gave Meowmie L something horrid to give me, it is called Metaclopramide and it goes into my mouth through a syringe. It makes the sickyness go away but I HATE IT! Meowmie has to wrap me up in a towel or I will scratch her arms to bits - like I do with the Buddha Mat and the Sofa. Meowmie tries to bribe me with treats but she can't fool me - I'm no dog-brain!

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