Thursday, 2 August 2007

Leukeran and Guinea Pigs

Appetite recovered and have been eating well, I then had my first dose of Leukeran on Monday night - and promptly threw up in the early hours of Tuesday morning, just the usual acid-tummy sick.

Tuesday night was steroid night, ate very well and then once again threw up in the middle of the night - not just my usual acidy-tum sick either...all my food that I had gorged down some hours earlier.

Wednesday was OK though - ate well at night - and no medicines to take. What a relief. I hate taking pils.

Tonight is my next Leukeran dose (every third day you see). Meowmie is hoping I get on with Leukeran because it is my maintenance protocol and should hopefully keep me in remission. Ben Vet said that new evidence is surfacing that suggests that taking Leukeran after going through the Mad Wis protocol may not actually be necessary and that a lymphoma kitty like me could survive for a while without the maintenance protocol. Meowmie said she didn't want me to be a guinea pig though. I don't want to be a guinea pig either. They are well weird and don't really seem to do anything. I'll just stay being a cat please, these two guinea pigs look like they have been squashed - a sleek beauty like me could never spend my days looking like that! Britney Spears could use the top one for a wig!

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