Friday, 9 November 2007

Fab Friday!!!

I received my presents for winning the Simply Siamese Halloween Category!!! I got a lovely new pad and a Nip Nana. Although I am not fussed with Nip I still LOVE my prizes, especially my new pad! Thank you all at Simply Siamese for the lovely prizes, I really am utterly chuffed :)

I immediately made a beeline for my lovely new pad and I sniffed at it a bit (cos it had been wrapped up with a Nip Nana) and then I did a divebomb on it and rolled around like a kitten on it! Here is a picture of me checking out my new pad and then my Meowmie caught me acting like a kitten and filmed it, sorry the film is dark, it was night time and the lights aren't so great:

Castle immediately stole the Nip Nana and went bonkers for it. He is such a junkie, I am very surprised at how easily he has allowed himself to get attached to the Nip! I guess he can have that as his prize, he did make up one half of the winning entry I suppose...he did try to steal my pad off me but we have decided to share it, somehow we both manage to squeeze on to it together! I'll get Mum to post a picture of that soon!

My visit with Ben Vet went extremely well - I haven't seen him for ages and he made SUCH a BIG fuss of me when we saw me!!! He is very happy with my appearance, and now that my patchy hair on my lower back is almost grown back properly he said I look less 'moth-eaten' apparently!!! If anyone else had called me moth-eaten I would have clawed their eyes out, however Ise love Ben and he has been my hero from Day One of my Lymphoma problem so I found it quite sweet coming from him and just purred at him while he rubbed my cheeks.

Ben Vet said everything feels normal, heart rate is good, no sign of any cystitis and I have gained weight - going from 3.2kgs (7lbs) to 3.5kgs (7.7lbs). He didn't bother taking my temperature cos I was a bit full of poo and he said that the temperature reading would be of my poo and not of me!!! He has given Meowmie an enema (HAHAHAHA!) dose to give to me (SCREEEAMMM!). I still have to stick to my exclusion diet too.

Also, whilst we were there Meowmie pointed to a lady who works there and said "Stormie, that's your catsitter". NOOOOOOOO...this can only mean one thing, Meowmie is definitely going away somewhere sometime somehow and abondoning me for weeks on end! (Meowmie - I am going away for two days).


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I'm so happy to see you both enjoying your prizes! I am glad you like the pad, I just love fleece and when you pile more cats in a pile it gets even warmer. Glad Castle likes the nip!


Forty Paws said...

What totally cool prizes you received! That is neat!

We're glad your vet visit went so well and that you have gained weight. It wasn't the poo was it???

Your Meowmie CAN'T leave you!!! Call the RSPCA!!!

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

Those are some great prizes you won! I am glad you and Castle had so much fun with them. And it is very wonderful that your visit with Ben Vet went so well. I am proud of you for gaining weight.

Anonymous said...

Storm I am very glad that you are doing so well. I love those prizes. Latte has very good taste!

You are always welcome to come visit me should your human actually take off...

The Furry Kids said...

Those are super great prizes! We're glad to hear that you're gaining weight and that you had a good check up. Dr. Ben sounds like a nice V-E-T.
Happy weekend to you guys!

Jimmy Joe said...

Oooo, you got some good stuff there, Storm. That blankie looks like it's really good to roll around on. And I'm glad you're feelin' better!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. I looked at your post from yesterday, and you guys think up some weird laws over there.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh we loved the moovies. You two are very very special and you made us laugh we were so happy to see you with your new prizes!

We are thrilled that you love your Benvet. You are certainly a treasure Stormiekins and we are not surprised that Benvet was happy to see you!!

///We hoe you two will survive with out your mommie for sooo many hours. we know the suffering, our mommie goes away and skates for two hours and it is very depressing.

purrrrrs to both of you, oh, and to your reckless abandoning mum too!

Prinnie <3

Tiger Lily said...

Those are great prizes Storm! And I'm so glad to hear your v-e-t was pleased!! I heard some talk of being home alone but it turns out Mom and my Daddy cannot go away after all. Which is OK with me!

We did our first fashion show on my blog yesterday. I hope you can stop by!

Purrs to you and Castle.

Unknown said...

Those are great presents and really cool videos.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

We understands, when our momma is gone for a squillion days...she says she's only gone for two...Mommas just don't understands us kitties.

Anonymous said...

"Wow" very cool prizes.I'm glad you had a good vet visit and that your well :)