Saturday, 17 November 2007

Trauma & Neglect

I won't beat about the bush...Meowmie abondoned me and Castle.

The day after her birthday she just upped and left us. Packed a bag and went out the front door without a by-your-leave! (Meowmie - actually, I cuddled and kissed you to the point of almost missing the train!). How selfish is our meowmie eh? Especially after the cake mentioned below for her!

So we have had a cat-sitter come by, invade our home and then torture us for weeks on end (Meowmie - it's only been TWO days!!!). She grabbed me each time she came in and forced my medicines down me - she also DIDN'T give us anything else apart from our dry catfish cat-food, not even chicken or lobster!!! (Meowmie - er, Storm, you are on an exclusion diet, and have been for weeks! Even I haven't given you chicken, and certainly not lobster)

I have punished Meowmie suitable; I have played hard-to-get all evening, I have not made a fuss of her, I have not ran up to her, I have been hiding my purrs as best as I can, I have certainly not sat down or laid down next to her on the sofa and I will remain wide-eyed and distant for a couple more hours yet.

Despite the above, I made the effort to find out where Meowmie had been. Meowmie went to see her family in Vienna, her brother moved there 12 years ago and now has a family of his own so Meowmie went to hang out with them and visit her nephew who has just turned two years of age. It snowed on the second day of the trip, here are some pictures:

The view from the bedroom window of the guest house:

The trams outside Sudbahnhof (train station):

The Rathaus!!! Meowmie says this means 'town hall'. This is not one of Meowmie's pictures, but it is a picture she stole from the internets to show you one of the lovely Christmas markets (the majority of them start this weekend):

This is a Gluhwein stall which Meowmie found at a small Christmas Market in the main shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse. Gluhwein is a delicious hot, spicey wine which makes humans very warm when it is cold:

This is a tiny snowman that Meowmie found on the train station near Vienna this morning on the way back to the YooKay:

PS - Ise glad to have her home really, just don't let her know yet...she needs to learn to never abandon us again!


Anonymous said...

I am glad she came home. I must confess I did not play too hard to get when my humans returned.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh gosh goodness! we came by your bloggie several times the past few days to check on you... and I have to say, we were quite worried. and now I see that you two have been suffering terribly!

I think it is a good idea to do some ignoring and a bit of snubbing at affections. Why do they do this to us? It is a puzzle.

Well, I guess a short visit out of town is okay.... the pictures are quite nice really. Makes mommie wish she were there... especially shopping there at that wonderful market..... oh! never mind. The US dollar is just ridiculous right now.
Oh well.

Purrrs to you for a happy week-end for both of you, Castle too. You poor things, such suffering especially after the trouble you went through with the cake. *sigh*

Purrrs Stormie~sweetie

Karen Jo said...

I'm glad that Meowmie is home again. It's good to be standoffish for a while, just to show her how you feel. The pictures are lovely. I hope Meowmie had a really good time.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I am aghasted at how long she left you!! WHat a lovely place to visit though, your Meowmie sounds like a very interesting bean!


The Cat Realm said...

She does not care for the snow, the maid says, but she sure would not mind having a Glühwein!
I am glad your Mom is back!!!

Lux said...

Those pictures are lots of fun to look at - I enjoyed them. I'm so glad your meowmie's home!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

I am sorry to hear that you were left alone! Wien (Vienna) is one of the cities my humans plan on visiting in the spring. My mom wants to see the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. My humans say Gluehwein is very yummy. The Christmas markets here are very pretty too.

Daisy said...

It was very wrong of your mom to abandon you for so long. I always try to do the cold-shoulder trick, but I cannot do it!

Vienna looks very beautiful! I am glad your mom had a good time. Maybe next time you can go with her!

Nomi said...

I does the 'distant' fing wen mummy has been away, but I can only do it for about 2 minets. My Mummy is going away for Chris mas. Someplace called bos knee a hearts o gov ina.

MaoMao said...

Awwwww, Stormie, I'm so sorry yur momma lefted fur two days! But I know yur glad she's back. Our beans are goin fur an ofurnight trippie over Thanksgiving weekend. We Ballicai aren't lookin forward to that, but maybe they'll bring us back lots of turkey.

Those are wunnerful pickshures of yur Mom's trip! Thankies fur sharin -- I love the little smiley snowman!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Forty Paws said...

Bless your little hearts. That is awful that she abandoned you guys! Her pictures are lovely though! We didn't know that they sold glug!!! Maw has had Swedish glug 'cuz Paw uzed to werk fur Ericsson which is a Swedish company.

Anyway, glad that you two survived your tortures!!!

Luf, Us

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

So glad that your mommy is home now :)
Beans are always doing that when we not notice time, when we figure, that feels bad.
But, at least your mommy ask sitter to take care of you, that is better :)

Wish you have great weekend with your mommy~!

Unknown said...

it suits her right. You need to teach her a lesson.

Mickey's Musings said...

Hi Storm, I told Mom to reply before but she had a senior moment and forgot! Arrrghhh!
I too hate when Mom goes away:(
She better treat you like a king (or at least feed you like one) heehee

I have tagged you for a meme.Com to my Sunday blog and see