Friday, 4 January 2008

Hello 2008!


Apologies for the tardiness of my post - I've been neglected terribly, Meowmie L has not helped me blog AND she had the cheek to leave me and Castle on our own on New Year's Eve!!! She went to see some big firework display by the Thames that cost £100,000 per minute in explosions, but due to a HUGE cloud of smoke generated by said fireworks she only saw the first minute and for the remaining 10 minutes could only hear fireworks, not actually see them. Serves her right. If she had stayed at home with us she would have had the most marvellous view and enjoyed the most amazing firework display ever! Castle and I had a fantastic view from the kitchen window as our home is only 1.5 miles away as the crow flies and we live on the 11th floor so we had a lovely elevated view across the London rooftops!

Here is some amazing footage from the BBC of the fireworks:

Here is a not so amazing picture of the cloud of smoke taken by Meowmie L who foolishly stood down-wind of the display:

Despite her recent short-comings I do have a lot to be grateful for and her love and care are amongst those things that have helped me still be here. In fact as it is Thursday and I haven't done a Thirteen for a while I am going to list 13 things that have made it possible for me to welcome in one more New Year:

1) My two Beans - the love and care they give to me.
2) Castle - his cuddles and protection and love
3) Ben Vet, Caroline Vet, Russell Vet, Megan Vet - and any other vet who has helped me who I have forgotten! (This counts as one choice cos I say so.)
4) Ann and her team of nurses (this counts as one choice too).
5) Vincristine - chemo drug
6) Cyclophosphamide - another chemo drug
7) Doxorubicine - and another chemo drug
8) Prednisone - my steroid pill
9) Lactulose - not exactly life-saving stuff but it helps my poos travel through me and therefore reduces my tummy sick-up frequency!
10) Antibiotics for those times when my immune system doesn't cope (like when I got the cystitis!). I reacted badly to some types of ABs but I am OK with Baytril.
11) Stemetil anti-nausea injections. These were very helpful towards the end of my 26-week chemo protocol as I was getting a bit nauseous in the last 3 or 4 weeks.
12) Periactin appetite stimulant - this was helpful when I went off my food a bit, which to be fair wasn't often, again it was during the last few weeks of my chemo treatment.
13) Chicken - technically I mean food and water, but chicken is my favourite and is always worth a mention. Chicken is also a good 'test food' for Meowmie - she uses it to determine whether I have *really* gone off my food or whether I am just being a fussy Meezer. I can't resist chicken, even if I have already eaten! Unfortunately I am not allowed chicken at the moment though.

Actually let's turn this into a Thursday Fourteen...

14) My lovely friends on the Blogosphere, your messages of support and words of advice are so wonderful and it has been an honour getting to know you all. Each of you is very special indeed.

Here's wishing everybody a fantastic year ahead.

Love Stormie xxxx


Gemini and Ichiro said...

A wonderful new year it is, Storm and I am certain it is a far far better year with you in it!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh my this is the very very best Thursday Fourteen!
we love you Stormiekins <3

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh Storm you are very sweet to be so thankful. We are thankful to know you!


Mickey's Musings said...

Thank heaven for all the T13 :) Did you tease your Mom about your fantastic view? Heehee
I like those beans with lights on them! That was an awesome show!!! Our New Year was pretty quiet.
All the best in 2008!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Dearest Storm,

You are so so lovely, that is very very sweet T13~!

And, what a terrific fireworks show~!! Amazing~!!! I think the whole city is crazy firing!

Thanks for the wonderful fireworks video again!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Happy new year Storm! I do hope this year is wonderful for you, you deserve all the love in the world and I am even fond of your human for her care of you! She really is a wonderful slave to a siamese. *sigh*. I wish I lived with her. xx

Parker said...

Happy New Year Storm! That was a wonderful list!
Here's to a great 2008!

None said...

I wish you a wonderful year Storm, that breakdown of meds and vets is very scary, you are such a fighter!

Lots of purrrs and meezerly love,

Karl and Ruis said...

Oh you poor Storm! what a list of pills you have to take... But we are very very happy that you have such good beans to take such good care of you!!! Even if they are a bit dumb, hahahahahahaha
Come and check out our first class cabin on the Antarctic Cruise ship!
Karl and Ruis

Daisy said...

14 little miracles that keep our Storm here with us today! I am very thankful for those things, too.

Poppy Q said...

happy Noo Year Stormie. Thanks so much for showing us the fireworks, my mum enjoyed seeing them. Big displays like that almost make her feel like crying.

I loved your list. You are a brave cat, dealing with your lymphoma and taking all your pills. I is very thankful you made it through 2007 and are hanging in for 2008!! Have a great year.