Sunday, 30 September 2007


Yestereday weez thought that we would get to spend the whole day with Meowmie...Meowmie J was off on some course so we knew Meowmie wouldn't go and meet her and we also knew that Meowmie didn't need to go out or meet anyone else for anything so we assumed - and rightly so - that we would get Meowmie ALL DAY! But oh no...she went out to see something called football! When I say 'football' I mean proper Rest Of The World Football - not 'American' Football, which to be honest looks exactly like Rugby but with the players wearing lots of protective padding.

Meowmie supports a football team called Chelsea FC. They have been through total turmoil the past 10 days. The manager, Jose Mourinho, walked due to differences with the club owner, a Russion billionaire called Roman Abramovich. Jose Mourinho is without doubt one of the BEST managers in the world and it is a HUGE loss to Chelsea (we topped the league and won 6 trophies under Jose's guidance!). You see, Roman wants to buy up all the 'star' players but Jose wants players who can play good football in a team together - not a team full of egos!. Roman also interfered with Jose's team selections and this has caused untold problems on and off the pitch. So, anyways, Jose walked (or was pushed), he had had enough. Jose is also quite possibly the best looking manager in the World too:

Yesterday was Chelsea's first home game since the turmoil and Meowmie's friend at work let her have his season ticket for the day!!! What a selfish man, does he not realise we NEED her at home? Chelsea had a TERRIBLE game - the captain John Terry (below) got a smashed cheekbone and it is busted and he can't play for some weeks, then our star striker Didier Drogba (below John Terry) got sent off and to cap it all the team on the whole played badly. The new manager Avram Grant got booed and the WHOLE crowd chanted for Joe Mourinho repeatedly! Not a god day for Meowmie...that will teach her for abandoning us all day again!

Here are a couple of pics of the ground which Meowmie took ysterday:

An update on me now: I LOVE the catfish and tapioca dry food but unfortunately i can't seem to digest it, or it won't pass through my system properly. I think the pellets are too big for me (I have no back teeth so can't crunch them) and I am just bringing them up again about 30 minutes after eating. So Meowmie tried soaking them this morning and softening them up a bit...I ate some soft mushy ones about 30 minutes ago so hopefully they will go through me properly this time. Appetite is good though, even after I chucked up I went to my bowl for a refill! Hehehe, poor Meowmie...the catfish-scented vomit is totally pungent and rancid!


Unknown said...

My Lady is ditching me today for some garlic festival. I am very very mad!

Daisy said...

I am sorry that your team had many troubles. My Mommie said that Jose is a very, very handsome man!

Anonymous said...

My human read about the team troubles when they got the free papers to read on the Tube. They almost went to see Chelsea stadium as well because she actually does like normal football (far better than American Football).

I hope you start feeling better. Perhaps if the crunchies are crushed too that would help?

Karen Jo said...

I feel sorry for your Meowmie all around. Her team is having lots of problems and you are chucking up catfish-scented food. I hope the soaking helps you keep it down. Cheysuli had a good idea about crushing it, too.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Have you tried just eating a few pieces at a time throughout the day? Maybe you get too many pieces in your tummy, and they start coming back up when they start absorbing liquid and expanding.

If you like the kibble a lot, that might be hard to do, but you might want to think about it.

Black Cat said...

Oh dear, I don't like football but it certainly is sad about Jose, a great loss to Chelsea.

I think perhaps you should crush your crunchies too and eat them a few pieces at a time. This is hard, I know, but better than puking them up and then being hungry again. This is what William, the Burmese cat who graced my home, used to do, because he had a delicate tummy too, specially when he was a youngster, but once he learned to spread the feast over a longer period of time he was much better:)

Mickey's Musings said...

The nerve of your Mom to leave you!!! Jose is a very manly looking man ;)
Hope your Mom makes it up to you bigtime!!

The Cat Realm said...

The sport seems to be taking over the world...
I do not know anything about sports, and my staff doesn't either.
The maid stopped to look at the manhuman pictures, but that was it...
Have a good week!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I hope you could eat smoothly, right now you really need lots of nutrition. soaking might be a good idea~!!! I hope you could eat more~!!!!

Go on~!!! I am continue purrrrr for you~!!!

Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,
Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs, Purrrrrs,


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Yay, finally someone else who knows what football really is! :) Of course, back home in Canada, we have Canadian football, which is different yet again from American football.

Sorry to hear the new food didn't work out at first. I hope softening it helps!

Starbuck and Torrey said...

I love that explanation of American Football! I'd never thought of it like that before! But you're right =)

Hope Chelsea starts winning! And hope the soaked up cat food stays down!

Tara said...

Hmmm..Mom has a hard time keeping up with that stuff, but agrees Jose is quite good looking!

Keep trying with the food!


HRH Yao-Lin said...

HAHAHA catfish scented vomit..note to self, must try this technique!! Excellent work Storm my fighting friend. Hope you keep the last lot of food down ok though, you need your strength for being naughty :-) xx

My human doesnt really follow much football, except the big matches like England v Germany or whatever. I don't think she likes Chelsea particularly, more Man U though don't ask her to elaborate she is really thick.


None said...

You should be incredibly upset that your mommy didn't think of bringing you to the game! Look at that huge green field you could have ran accross! I bet you all those other little dots on the field would have played tag with you.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, that would be true....